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On first pass it would seem that adventure and financial management are strange bed fellows. You might also be thinking (given the universal attitude) that most things financial are an instant cure for insomnia. However, I would suggest that if you take the time to get the “financial house” in order you will have the means and possibly the time to fund and enjoy your adventures, whatever they might be!

Good financial management is really about creating options and choices in your life. In the case of this months theme that could mean – do I travel economy class or business class? Do I extend the trip another week and spend time on a secluded beach with that special person? Or take the children to somewhere that would achieve the response of “wow this is sweet”?

Whatever it is that presses your buttons, now is as good a time as any to develop that spending plan for that next adventure. Yes, I did say spending plan not saving plan. I know it is a play on words, but hey, whatever works for you – use it.

Every plan needs to be considered, developed, actioned, monitored and changed if needed. Where do I start, you ask. Well perhaps you could go back a couple of months where I outlined a suggested course of action and give that a go. Alternatively see your usual financial adviser, or leave a comment below or send an email and I would be happy to help. The old saying “action cures fear” is very appropriate when it comes to matters financial, just give it a go!


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