Walking down the path of infinite possibility

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Life is full of infinite possibilities.

Whether we take Robert Frost’s Road Less Travelled, or the more well-trodden path, there will be myriad choices to make as we journey through life.

We come to major intersections and forks in the road, we are tempted by side-tracks and detours, and sometimes we feel we have lost our way completely and must back-track.

But going backwards is never really an option.

And we all know what happens if we simply stop and refuse to go on.

Some of those turns, detours and new highways we want to explore will require something new or different of us.

We need to change. Grow. Reinvent.

The change can be by design, or by chance. We can instigate it, or we can be forced into it.

Either way – it’s up to us.

Reinvention is about radical change – a definition I found includes: “create new version of something: to change radically the appearance, form or presentation of something or somebody.”

We all know when it’s time to make a radical change. It hangs there, somewhere over your left shoulder, shadowing you… somehow always present but just out of reach.

I have made some radical changes in my life recently – moving from a corporate manager to, well, not. The change was a long time coming, and when I finally cut the strings and let go, suddenly it was like the flood-gates opened and all good things started happening – not just to me but to my whole family.

Tips for your Journey into Radical Change

  • Radical change does not necessarily happen at the speed we expect. Something that we expect to happen quickly may take years (four years, in my case). Other times it may come out of the blue with the speed of a runaway train, and like a speeding train we are almost powerless to stop it – we either need to hold on or get run over!
  • Knowing we’d like to change, or even need to change isn’t enough. I know I’ve often said I need to lose weight/get fitter/declutter/whatever but nothing changes. Saying it isn’t enough either.
  • If we desire a change in our life we must first change how we think about and perceive ourselves. All change starts within.

  • All wise travellers use a compass. Let your values be your guide – be true to who you are, and you won’t blow about like a feather in the winds of change. Know why you reinvent yourself.
  • Change is growth. If we don’t grow, we stagnate. Therefore growth is good. Remember that when fear grips at your heart and you doubt your path. Take the next step. Just one. Then another. It’s all you have to do.
  • Change and reinvention can be stressful. Remember to take care of yourself. Expect exhaustion and down days will descend occasionally. When it happens, realise it’s not a setback – it’s all just part of the process. Be extra, extra kind to yourself.
  • Remember that life is a journey, not a destination. Look upon change, growth, reinvention as part of that journey and enjoy every possible minute.
  • Be willing to ‘give up what you are, to become what you can be’. Live up to your wildest expectations! Reinvention is growing into your potential and you’ve got potential.

The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good.

~Brian Tracey


3 Responses to “Walking down the path of infinite possibility”
  1. Be willing to ‘give up what you are, to become what you can be’. Live up to your wildest expectations! Reinvention is growing into your potential and you’ve got potential.
    The way the bells are silently jangling in my brain tells me that this has a message for me.
    I’ll take it away to muse on.

  2. karen says:

    Oooh, Chris – silent bells jangling in your brain? I AM intrigued. I’d love to know what your musing uncovers as you ponder your amazing potential!

    That reminds me of the scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts gives her flatmate some money as a ‘scholarship’, and says words to the effect of ‘We believe in you. You’ve got Potential!’

  3. The next year will bring radical changes for me on many fronts. I’ll keep your wise words in mind as I take on the adventure. Thanks, Karen.