Happy National Organising Week

September 10, 2008 by  
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This week is National Organising Week across Australasia.  It’s a time to think and talk about getting organised.  Peter Walsh, author of Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? is in Australia as the Celebrity N.O.W. Ambassador and there are free workshops happening during this week.  For more details, go to AAPO – the […]

Your Challenge for September – Blossom!

September 8, 2008 by  
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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. Anais Nin What are you resisting? Where in your life are you remaining tight in the bud? It’s your time to blossom! Reinvent and share your beauty with the world. Now. Right […]

The value of financial goals

September 2, 2008 by  
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At some stage or another, all of us have hesitated to make a change in our life because of the financial cost. This month, Grant talks about the value of reinventing our financial goals to be in alignment with our lifestyle goals…

We are talking about Reinvention

September 1, 2008 by  
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For September, we’re welcoming Spring and talking about Reinvention. We’ve inspirations, practical tips, guides to making change easier and much much more…

Don’t forget to check out our featured artists in this month’s Sound Space with a free download!

Walking down the path of infinite possibility

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This month Karen takes us on a journey to major intersections, forks in the road and tempts with some side-tracks. By sharing her journey she also shares tips for the journey into radical change.

Your Breathing Space for September

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“I sat in my sunny doorway from sunrise till noon, rapt in reverie amidst the pines and hickories and sumacs, in undisturbed solitude and stillness, while the birds sing around or flitted noiseless through the house… I grew in those seasons like corn in the night.”

How much has technology changed the way you live?

September 1, 2008 by  
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Has technology changed the way you live or even changed who you are? This month, Leah explores the effect rapid technological change has on our lives and our being…

Doing life sustainably requires reinvention

September 1, 2008 by  
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This month, Marc once again challenges us to change – by guiding us through tips and tools that can help us reinvent our actions and habits for greater sustainability…

Spiritually Reinventing Ourselves

September 1, 2008 by  
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Join Annie this month as she talks about reinventing an aspect of ourselves, and talks specifically about changing anger into something much more powerful…

Writing Routes to Reinvention

September 1, 2008 by  
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Have you ever used the written word to change direction in your life? Joanna shares some inspiring ‘write it down to make it happen’ approaches with us this month…

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