5 Tips on Adding Simplicity to Your Technology

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Your digital world can get very complicated and out of control if you don’t take the time to look after it. Here are 5 easy wasy to keep things simple with your technology.

1. Label your Cables

Whether it be your computer or your home entertainment system it can be frustrating and time wasting to have to work out which cable goes with which device. I’m sure that you’ve had the experience of getting a new widget that has yet another charging cable, a cable to connect it to others devices and any number of other cables.

You can use labelling machines (I’ve got a Brother P-Touch 55 which I love), permanent marker if it is a light coloured cable, or even plastic bread tags.

2. Match Your Digital Filing to your Paper Filing

A quick way to find things is to have you document filing be consistent, regardless of whether it is digital or paper based. So if you have a folder in your filing cabinet called “tax 2008” for your taxation paperwork then make sure you also have a folder on your hard drive called “tax 2008”. Simple and consistent is what works best here.

3. Simplify your backup procedure

When it comes to backing up digital data my experience is “if it’s not easy it doesn’t happen”. Are you willing to loose all your files, photos and audio downloads (that you paid good money for) for the sake of not having an easy to use backup system?

You could get an external hard drive like the Maxtor One-Touch range where backing up is as simple as pressing a button on the front of the unit. You may prefer an off line option like Carbonite – it loads a piece of software on your computer that backs up modified files while the computer is idle and you are doing other things.

4. Get a regular 10,000kms service

Just like you service other regularly used machines to keep them running well unless you give your computer a regular service the hard drive can slow down, the RAM can get clogged up and your frustration levels can rise. Many people believe that it might be time for a new computer when this happens when in fact all that is needed is a regular service.

If you are an everyday user of your computer then I would suggest a monthly clean-up and defragmentation of your hard drive using the systems tools that came with your computer. Every 6 months I would suggest a visit by your favourite technician to clean up the registry, make sure that there aren’t unnecessary processes running and to maximise the speed of the machine.

5. Keep it Clean

You may not thing about it much but dust, condensation and even mold can get into your technology and reek havoc with it. Most technology needs nothing more than a regular dust to keep it in top condition. The fans on your computer are especially susceptible to drawing in all the nasties in the environment (especially if your desktop computer is actually a floor residing one). You can use your vacuum cleaner on low with the upholstery brush to clean the dust from the back of your computer. While you’re at it the same attachment works wonders on the keyboard.

Never use commercial cleaning products on any part of your technology, especially screens (it sends them cloudy) and if you are unsure always consult the user documentation or the manufacturer’s website.


There is of course one place where you don’t want to simplify things when it comes to technology – your passwords!

Make sure that any password you have contains a mixture of upper and lowercase characters, numbers and if permitted characters such as !@#*.

Try to avoid words that are commonly found in the dictionary and definitely DON’T use birthdays or drivers license numbers.

So there you have it 5 tips to keep things simple when it comes to your technology and one way that simple can get your technology in trouble.

What are your simple tips for better technology?


2 Responses to “5 Tips on Adding Simplicity to Your Technology”
  1. tishn says:

    These are great tips that can really help the PC perform consistently. Tasks like defragmentation are often ignored till the disease grows out of control.

  2. angela says:

    Love the labels tip, Leah. It makes such a difference during those high-stress techno meltdowns.