Just Baggage Enough

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Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough.

– Author unknown

Which would you prefer…

…A bookshelf overflowing with cookbooks, more recipes torn from magazines stashed in a drawer. There are so many recipes you don’t know where to start or to find that special one… you’re sure it had a picture of… what was it now? It’s all too hard, we’ll just have the usual. – Or – A select few cookbooks from favourite chefs or using favourite techniques, some tried and true recipes logged in a binder. They are stored right there where you can easily reach them and you feel inspired to plan and cook delicious fresh meals.

…A child’s room with so many toys they cascade from the cupboard, are stacked up in every corner as well as under the bed. Still there’s more scattered on the floor. You step on toys as you fight your way across the room. The child is bored and can’t imagine what to do next. – Or – A stimulating but small selection of open-ended toys and games. Each has a place and can be found there. Some more are tucked away elsewhere to be rotated on a regular basis. The child loves to play in their room for hours. The child has also learned to value their possessions and occasionally makes charitable donations of their outgrown toys.

You get the idea. Going through life with “just baggage enough” saves money. Purchasing and storing more than enough adds up. Find that hard to believe? Take a look around and count the number of “storage solutions” you currently use. Count cupboards, containers, baskets, shelves. Still need convincing? Remember back to your childhood. I bet you lived in a smaller house then. Extra rooms cost big bucks.

“Just baggage enough” saves effort. There’s less dusting, lifting, packing away and family discussions about tidiness.

“Just baggage enough” saves time. Maintenance of extra “baggage” takes time away from other important tasks.


One Response to “Just Baggage Enough”
  1. Chris Owen says:

    0OOO Was that bit about the torn-out recipes aimed at me Angela? I KNOW you haven’t seen them collecting in my cupboard so how did you know? And you know I added some more to the pile yesterday and as I walked away I wondered why I felt some guilt or unease or something – perhaps it was this concept!
    Just baggage enough!
    Hmm Thanks!