With a song in our heart… we're talking about love

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Welcome to the February edition of Calm Space.

Here in Australia, it’s high summer and it’s the start of a new school year.

And in the middle of the heat, we celebrate Valentines Day. So, to cool things off a little, grab a long tall glass of something cool with ice, and sip while you browse around our spaces this month. We’ve turned on the airconditioning and are waiting for your visit. Every time you pop in, we do a little happy dance.

Alright, if that’s too twee for you, you’ll love the line-up we have for you this month. We haven’t gone overboard with red roses, or lingerie, or chocolates… although we were tempted by a nice glass of bubbly. What we have done is each of us put our own spin and our own heart into what we have written for you on the theme of Heartstrings. You’ll find spirit and love in each of the spaces this month, along with hefty doses of calm and inspiration. After all, that’s what we’re here for.

Please don’t forget to join in the conversation – your comments are encouraged and will always be responded to!

Also, remember to register for this month’s prize (if you haven’t already) – it is particularly wonderful if you’re bogged down with stuff and need a hand getting organised or clearing clutter as you prepare for the year ahead!

Wishing you a February full of love, may your heartstrings sing a song of joy all month long.



a note from my heart to yoursAs I write this, I am sitting on the back verandah of the house we are renting at the beach. I am sitting with the man who stole won my heart 22 years ago this week, and our youngest son.

It is late afternoon and we’ve been chatting and watching the rain approach across the sea. It’s high tide, there is a stiff breeze that is making my notebook flap and my hair fly in my face, and the sea is the colour of milky coffee – churned up by the recent near-cyclonic low that battered Queensland and Northern NSW through the holiday season.

As I sit here, notebook and gorgeous fountain pen (that my husband gave me for my birthday last week) in my hand, I am thinking about love; about family; about ties that bind us and what it means to be able to sit here – together but each comfortably doing their own thing.

I’ve been looking forward at the next month. At the return to school rush next week. At the start of a year full of promise.

And here at The Calm Space, we’re looking at the month through the theme of Heartstrings. When we selected this theme, we were thinking (as I am sure you’ll have guessed) about Valentines Day, but even more we were thinking about Love.

February isn’t purely about Valentines Day (even if Hallmark and chocolate shops would have us think that).

And Valentines Day isn’t about who gets flowers delivered to them at the office and who doesn’t.

It seems to me that Valentines Day has become a competition to see who gets treated the best. And it has created an expectation that ‘if he truly loves me’ he will go all out and make the day the most romantic day of my life.

Long ago, when I worked in an office full of women, I forbade my husband from sending or buying me anything on Valentines Day. (The order still stands ; )

His love for me is not, ever, measured by whether he sends me a dozen red roses or not.

Love is not a one-day of the year event. It needs to be expressed all year round. A happy relationship thrives when every day is a day for love.

As I sit here, surrounded by family, I am so clearly reminded that heart and love is an always thing.

Growing up, I was very impressed by the parents of my best friend. They may not have been wealthy in the monetary sense (none of us were), but they were certainly rich in love. Every month, on the same date, they celebrated their anniversary of the day they met. They gave each other a token gift, a block of favourite chocolate, a hand-written love letter, or cooked a special meal. Just a little something personal and special to celebrate ‘their day’.

It struck me that this was a couple who not only loved each other, they had made a special monthly ritual of reminding each other how much they cared.

How much nicer was this ever-so-personal and intimate celebration than today’s over-commercialised Valentines Day?

I am all for celebrating those we love – the romantic love, family love and the deep bonds of friendship – as often as possible.

Let’s not wait for a special day to show someone we care. Who knows what tomorrow may bring?

Send those flowers. Write that letter. Give that hug. Post that card. Pick up that phone.




I appreciate you, dear reader. Thank you for taking the time to visit. Come visit again soon.

From my heart to yours – with love.



6 Responses to “With a song in our heart… we're talking about love”
  1. chris says:

    Isn’t it amazing how powerful a memory your friend’s parents created for you with their simple and tender loving?
    LOVE the story!
    This Karen sounds like Calm pervaded her world over the holidays. Glad to hear it! You deserve it after creating and developing this wonderful Calm Space for all of us!
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Karen, I just love to read your articles. They are like magnificently painted pictures. They take me to another – very calm – place.

  3. Tricia says:

    Thank you Karen for this article, it has reminded me of all the love I have in my life and to count my blessings I am looking forward to a great year in 2008

  4. karen says:

    @Chris – thank you for your compliments. I agree that my friend’s parents showed me early on that it wasn’t about money, it was all about showing someone how much you care in the little ways. Something that has always stuck with me, even though I too need a reminder occasionally.

    @Angela – awwww, you gave me goosebumps. Wow. I am so glad that you find some calm when you read my words.

    @Tricia – thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. Counting our blessings is so very important, isn’t it? Sometimes things get so busy, or so out of kilter, we forget how many people actually care about us and wish us well.

    I wish you a beautiful year in 2008.

  5. Maria says:

    I writing is so poetic. I could hear the ocean from the first words.
    Saving so that I can re-read again.

  6. karen says:

    Thank you Maria, and thank you for visiting with us! We’re so happy to hear from you.