April 07 – Reading Space

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The Reading Space is now brought to you by Marj Lim from Slim Ink – your premium library on the internet. Kitchen Classics – Picnic Hamper I love a good picnic! Nothing beats getting outdoors, away from the house, away from work, away from responsibilities, and feel the sun on my face and the wind […]

Opportunity and possibility… the promise of 2008

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Happy New Year! What a wonderful start to 2008… from all of us here at The Calm Space, we wish you a year of miracles and magic.

This month we’re exploring the opportunities that abound in this fresh, crisp new year. Take a walk with me towards a special door, taking with you a black velvet purse filled with special gifts to make your 2008 a year of beauty, wonder and joy…

2008 – A Year of Learning Challenges

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If you don’t believe that 2008 puts you smack bang in the middle of the digital age then think again. Leah challenges us all to take the opportunity that 2008 brings to learn more about the technology that fills and enhances our lives. She even sets a monthly challenge to help get you on the right track.

A Time for Opportunity

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Ahh! The New Year! Full of possibility and opportunity. I welcome it with open arms and a hopeful heart.

After the rush of December it’s a good time to reflect on the year that’s passed and look forward to the one to come. We start with a brand new calendar, unmarked by prior commitments. We have a wonderful opportunity to assess our goals and priorities. It’s an opportunity to evaluate the way we use our time.

This month, Angela shares with us her tips for reviewing goals and using your time wisely in order to be successful.

Spiritual Opportunity

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Some tension is necessary for the soul to grow, and we can put that tension to good use. We can look for every opportunity to give and receive love, to appreciate nature, to heal our wounds and the wounds of others, to forgive, and to serve.” ~Joan Borysenko

I love this quote and it started me thinking (and feeling!)…

Annie helps us to see the opportunities to love, to forgive and to serve that are all around us in The Spiritual Space this month.

Can you hear opportunity knocking?

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Why doesn’t it occur to couples to reflect, review, evaluate, and gauge satisfaction?

Shining a light onto our couple life on an annual basis is something I do with my beloved SweetP. We see it as a chance to understand our individual hopes and dreams, as well as our disappointments.

This month, Chris let’s us in on one of the secrets to a successful, loving relationship – an annual review and celebration of what keeps them close; and preparing for the year ahead, happy and together.

Opportunity through reading

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As a Roman philosopher once said, and is often quoted by Oprah “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”. Preparation to me involves books as books provide knowledge.

This month, Marj gives three book selections that could help you be prepared to take action when opportunity does knock.

Opportunity: the start of a new page

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The start of a New Year, a time of resolutions, of new beginnings. A time when we look hard at the things we want to make happen in the months ahead. And writing, our use of words, well that can help us to achieve those goals, make a reality of those dreams.

This month, Joanna inspires us to write our way into a new set of possibilities, to take the clean page offered by the new year to connect, explore, inspire…

New Year Music

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What’s a Mum to do when she’s in the middle of summer holidays, wet weather and a house full of kids… try dreaming of an empty house and beautiful music until she’s able to enjoy the reality (maybe next month…)

Your Breathing Space for January

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“Another fresh new year is here . . . Another year to live! To banish worry, doubt, and fear, To love and laugh and give! This bright new year is given me To live each day with zest . . . To daily grow and try to be My highest and my best! I have […]