Your Breathing Space for December…

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Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.   ~Norman Vincent Peale   [Link to larger image]

Join us in Celebration!

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Welcome to the December 2007 Edition of The Calm Space. Can you believe it is December already? We’re marking this month with Celebration. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, or simply getting through the rest of 2007, we have something for you this month. I am thrilled to introduce Joanna Young as our newest contributor – bring […]

The Sounds of Celebration

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There is nothing better than hearing the sound of laughter and happy conversation when in the company of those we love. And during the festive season, we’re bound to have a few moments of time with our family and dear friends. Maybe even large dollops of time to spend in laughter and happy conversation. I […]

Who Needs Christmas…

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It’s December, so if we’re going to have a celebration theme, you’d expect to hear talk of Christmas, Hanukkah or some similar celebration. Always eager to go a bit out of line, I wanted to remind you that celebrations come in all forms, even in December! Some people have birthdays, some attend funerals to celebrate […]


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Whatever the celebration it’s not complete without food and drink to complete the commemoration of the occasion! I place below some handy support in book form. Classic Cocktails Classic Cocktails provides all the inspiration you need to create fabulous cocktails at home. The epitome of glamour and sophistication, the cocktail has withstood the test of […]

Spiritual Celebration

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For me, celebration means much more than festivities traditionally held for birthdays, religious ceremonies and anniversaries. By all means, let’s mark those occasions with a ‘celebration’ because of the love and joy we can share with family and friends. Let’s face it though, these occasions don’t happen that frequently and it seems a shame to […]

Get Ready to Celebrate with the Gift of Words

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I don’t know about you but getting into the right frame of mind, the right emotional state, can make a huge difference to my experience and enjoyment of celebrations. It’s the feelings that make all the difference – and are what we hold on to long after the event. The magical blend of anticipation, excitement […]

Making a List and Checking It Twice

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Take Santa’s lead. Make a list. Check it twice. If ever there was a season for lists, this is it. Whenever time is tight and there’s lots to do, lists can cut through to the nitty gritty and help you focus on getting things done. Learn from Santa and make the most out of your […]

Techie Gifts that you will love

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With Christmas almost upon us, I’ve seen the usual Christmas Gift Guides popping up in magazines, newspapers, on TV and online. When I start paying attention to the “techie” gifts they always seem to be targeted towards men or teenage boys (actually I can’t tell the difference sometimes between those two buying groups). So I […]