Your Breathing Space for November

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“Treat your friends as you do your pictures, and place them in their best light.” ~Jennie Jerome Churchill [Link to Larger Image]

What are Friends For?

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Was there ever a more-appropriate theme for a women’s magazine than that of “friendship”? Our delightful editor has gone right to the structure of a woman’s life! Women, on the whole, are good at friendship! Yeah sure! We can have many levels of friendship with the people in our lives, but overall we women “do” […]

We're Talking about Friendship

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Welcome to the second edition of The Calm Space. We are all thrilled you have dropped by and would like to thank you for your warm congratulations last month as we launched the beautiful magazine! Your uplifting comments and excited wishes made it all seem so much more special and real to us. It seems […]

The Soundtrack of Your Life

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If we were to make a recording of the soundtrack of our lives, what would yours sound like? Would it have long silences? Would it be full of car horns, and screetching brakes, and engines revving? Would it be full of the laughter and happy questions of contented children? Would there be a background of […]

Spiritual Friendship

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I would like to explore with you a different concept of friendship on the path to spiritual bliss. I propose that the two most important friendships are the ones you have with yourself and God. It is not easy to be friendly towards others if you are not in a friendly space already. But how […]

The Reading Space – November

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True friendship consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and value – Ben Johnson Songs Without Words – by Ann Packer Liz and Sarabeth have been friends forever, childhood neighbours bound together in adolescence by a devastating event, the suicide of Sarabeth’s mother when the girls were just sixteen. In the […]

Making Time for Friends

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While sitting with friends over a coffee, I mentioned I had this article to write, and didn’t know what to write about organising and friendship. The answers came back thick and fast, and helped me realise that what I took for granted – catching up with friends – didn’t just happen by chance. So, with […]

Friendship in the Online World: How People Are Growing Their Communities

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Do you remember back when you were a teenager? If your life was anything like mine friendships were restricted to your local community. If you were lucky you might have also befriended the people where you had holidays or a pen-pal. Little more than 10 or 15 years ago your community and your friendships were […]