Saving the Memories

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A fresh start can be a wonderful thing (as is being proven by all my fellow contributors to The Calm Space this month)! But would you ever want to start a fresh when it comes to all the precious memories that you have captured on your digital camera. Digital cameras are the norm in most […]

Your Breathing Space for October

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“It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.” ~K.T. Jong [Link to larger image] Image copyright and courtesy of Leah Maclean

A Fresh Start to Your Relationship

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Even just coming here to The Calm Space makes me start breathing deeper and feeling better. And when that breathing makes you notice the smell of fresh earth and warm breezes and the flutter of spring blossoms out in the street, it’s a real sensual pleasure! Ah there’s that day-spa for the senses again! Having […]

Reading For A Fresh Start

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A fresh start needs PASSION! This is why I have chosen Jamie Durie’s ‘Inspired’. The man oozes it as he talks about his! Whether you’re starting on a fresh garden or another chapter in your life you need passion… This hard cover coffee table book traces the inspirations and influences behind Jamie Durie’s award–winning garden […]

A Fresh Start

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This month, we’re making a fresh start – a bold new beginning. A fresh start brings to mind thoughts of newness, of turning over a new leaf, creating a new habit or a new way of living. Making new friends, escaping, renovating, or simply looking at something from a different angle. And that is what […]

Setting the Spiritual Space

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I am delighted to share in the wonderful experience of The Calm Space created by my dear friend Karen. Let me set the scene for this column by clarifying what I mean by ‘Spiritual’ as distinct from ‘Religious’. The following distinctions are based on those collected by Robert E Coté. Religions are based on other […]

Where Do I Start?

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As a Professional Organiser, that’s a question I hear a lot. And usually it comes from people who feel out of control, stressed and overwhelmed. And when they hear the answer there is an audible sigh of relief. The truth is there’s no one right answer. It’s simple. Start anywhere, anytime. Here are a few […]