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What does Creating Sanctuary have to do with our work?

No matter where we work, it is always possible to bring a little Sanctuary with us to help us through our day. And in the workplace, the demands on our time, our energy, our very soul can be very draining – never has there been more need to continually top up our batteries and restore our equilibrium than in workplaces today – no matter where they are, or what they look like.

If you have a desk to call your own then a photo or a gorgeous scene as computer wallpaper can add that little touch that restores you in a moment of chaos. A plant in a pretty pot, even a great pen to write with or a tidy, organised desk can create that sense of calm and remind you to take a breath. Inspirational quotes can also help to uplift you when you need it most.

If you have an office of your own, you can add music or aromatherapy, plants or pictures to the mix.

For those without a desk or a computer to call their own and those on their feet most of the day, creating sanctuary can take a little bit more ingenuity. Whilst you are on your feet – could your restoration come in the form of comfortable shoes, or some of those great cushioning insoles? Consider a spritz of your favourite perfume on the back of your neck, so you receive wafts of it throughout the day (guaranteed to make you smile). For these workers, the task may be hard, but it isn’t impossible. When you have time for a break – take it outdoors if at all possible, no matter what the weather. Take a moment to sit and breathe. Think of something that calms you – be it imagining you are sitting on the beach, or at the top of the mountain about to ski over the edge, or cuddled up in front of an open fire. Your mind is your best ally.

And for those that work as mothers and carers – a little touch of sanctuary in a place of our own is vital in restoring your soul at the end of a harrowing day. Take time whenever you can to top up your reserves, take a deep breath and relax.

Creating your very own sanctuary is about giving yourself relaxation moments. Moments where you remember to breathe deeply and relax your tense muscles, if only for a minute – regularly throughout your day. With a sense of sanctuary, you’ll get to the end of your day with an enhanced sense of calm and well-being. And you may even find you’ve been more productive, to boot!

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